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Why do good speakers need good amplifiers?
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        When you decide to use top-quality and good speakers for sound improvement, how to match high-quality top-quality and good amplifiers for good speakers to make use of the speakers, and the sound quality, sound color and effects can be upgraded to a higher level.
       At present, good professional speakers are nothing more than original imported and assembled with high-quality imported speakers or domestic first-class high-quality speakers. This type of speakers has good sound quality and strong sound performance, so the quality level of the power amplifier is also proposed. Higher requirements.
       In the practical process of sound reinforcement for many years, you may notice such a situation: When using imported speakers (such as Matian or Lisu's imported speakers and supporting processors), the domestic general amplifier is used to complete the whole The sound quality is also good. However, if the matching imported amplifier is used, the sound quality of the speaker will be much better than that of the domestic amplifier. The clear, round, full, clean and soft style will be immediately revealed.
      When using ordinary speakers, you may feel that there is no big difference in sound quality and tone with any amplifier. However, when using top-quality speakers, you will find that using good power amplifiers and using ordinary power amplifiers, the sound quality performance may be very different.
In fact, this is the concrete manifestation of practical advantages resulting from complementary advantages and strong-strong combination.
          The quality of imported professional speakers is good, the frequency division circuit is reasonable, and the phase is strictly corrected. The high, middle, and low phase of the speaker are reasonably connected. There is no lack of sound in any frequency band and there is not much energy overlap. The bottom is clean and the sense of hearing is clear.
Although the impact of the speaker on the sound quality and color in the sound system is decisive, the impact of the power amplifier on the sound quality is also very important.
A good speaker is matched with a good-quality power amplifier to promote its clean, layered sound quality characteristics, so it is pleasant to the ear, easy to resonate, and tireless.
We all have some knowledge and understanding of lakes, seas and rivers.
In the audio system, speakers and amplifiers are like the relationship between lakes, the sea, and rivers. Rivers are amplifiers, and lakes or the sea are speakers.
The top speaker is like a large lake or sea with sandy bottom, and the top amplifier is like a river on sandy stone bed.
Rivers on sandy gravel beds have a strong ability to absorb and filter impurities, so the water quality of the river is clean and clear. This kind of clean and clear river water flows into large sandy lakes or the sea with stronger ability to absorb impurities and filter pollution.
Impurities settle and absorb and the lake or seawater becomes cleaner and clearer.
Anyone who has been to Yalong Bay Beach in Hainan will be impressed by the crystal clear waters there. The seawater there is crystal clear, because its seabed is pure sand and sand, and the sand is white and clean like white jade. This sandy seabed has a very strong ability to absorb and filter impurities, so the seawater is rough The water is surging and the water is clean and clear.
On the contrary, if the river is a muddy riverbed, the river flowing to wash away the mud on the riverbank and the river bank will loosen the muddy river, and the muddy river is refilled into the muddy muddy bottom lake or the sea. turbid.
Therefore, when using ordinary speakers, it is not necessary to use high quality amplifiers, but when you use high-quality high-quality speakers, you must choose high-quality good amplifiers, otherwise the sound quality and effects of good speakers may not be able to play。
A good power amplifier has a low noise background and strong control. When coupled with top-quality speakers, the sound is clean, clear, plump, round, and flexible. The sense of hearing is clear and pleasing to the ear.
        In practice, in addition to the above characteristics, it can also be stable and durable. It is undoubtedly a good power amplifier that can achieve this level of power amplifier. It has not only a reasonable and excellent circuit design, but also high-quality components with high power and low consumption , And the component design with full materials is usually the biggest feature of this type of amplifier.
Some people say, “Well, if you go to the 4Ω speaker, you know.” Although this is not absolute, it makes perfect sense. Because many power amplifiers are designed to reduce manufacturing costs, the design of transformers, heat sinks, power tubes, and capacitors is “saving.” When fast power conversion is required for low-impedance speakers, the heat of the power amplifier increases sharply. One of the most direct factors of instability is that it can cause frequent interruption of "protection", and in the worst case, it can make the amplifier "faint and impossible."
Some people use low-quality power amplifiers to push 4Ω speakers. Because the power output of the power amplifier is severely distorted under the load of 4Ω impedance, the control power and sound quality are deteriorated, so it is considered that the sound quality of low-impedance speakers is not as good as the high-impedance speakers. The biggest misunderstanding that has always existed within.
Therefore, when you decide to use a good speaker, remember not to choose a poor amplifier in order to reduce a little cost, otherwise, the desire and original intention of improving the sound quality effect may be difficult to achieve.
        Faced with the current status of the industry that sells amplifiers at the "cabbage price", how to identify the performance and quality of amplifiers requires not only actual comparisons, but also your comprehensive knowledge and experience. Sometimes, a pair of good ears may not be enough. You must also develop a pair of "golden eyes and fire eyes" ...

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