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What kind of place is a modern bar?
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      Simply put, the modern bar is an entertainment venue selling music, atmosphere and wine! In this bar, which is not only popular but not crowded with classic simplicity, the music played by DJs is R & B, HIP-HOP, jazz, HOUSE and so on. The speed is medium to fast, about 90 to 132 beats per minute.
     The frequency is about the same as the heartbeat of a person when they are excited, which is very suitable for dancing.
Because this rhythm is exciting, it is easy to cause people's psychological and physical natural harmony, and the ubiquitous imagination of the blurry lighting effect instigates people, making it easy for them to be in this environment, dare to speak loudly Dancing boldly and drinking with a sip. Therefore, some well-understood DJs call this kind of music "Pinju music", which is very accurate.
Good DJs can use music to create an atmosphere, allowing consumers to unknowingly sway, and naturally upgrade "drinking" to "spelled wine." As a result, modern bar sales will be much larger than other types of venues!
Modern bars, like disco, are both dance venues, but due to different rhythms (bar music is about 90 to 132 beats per minute, disco usually 132 to 150 beats or faster per minute); modern bars are suitable for People around the age of 40 have spending power for leisure and entertainment, while disco is more suitable for young people who are full of energy or shaking their heads in pursuit of wildness and excitement because of the faster pace.
In terms of sound and lighting configuration, the biggest feature of modern bars is that a small part of the speakers are arranged in a local array, and mos of the speakers are designed in a distributed manner. The sound pressure is distributed as evenly as possible to every corner of the hall, allowing guests to The sound of listening everywhere is just as wonderful. Even in your seat, you can feel the shock like a dance floor, so you can drink and dance on your deck, relax in sports, and entertain in leisure. The design of the light also follows the above principles. In addition to taking care of the small stage and making local concentrated arrays, it also tries to distribute the lights throughout the hall, so that every place has a dance floor-like feel, so as to form an interaction and let the lighting engineer cooperate with the music Adjust the atmosphere of the scene。
Although modern bars in China deal with performing arts programs differently, most of them are the same-the whole night's programs and music rhythm and atmosphere will only slowly go faster and faster, and develop towards the climax. . Whether it's foreign bands, RNB singers, show dancers or lead dancers, the creation and direction of the atmosphere is the same. Even in the pursuit of contrast, the timing of the insertion of the program and the style rhythm will continue the main tone of the music, cheerful style Throughout the whole, the ebbs and flows take into account the overall situation.
At present, the decoration styles of bars in various places in China are surprisingly consistent: they use LED lights and TV screens to advertise fashion on a large scale, and use antique and strangely shaped ironwork and wooden decoration to create classics. Famous brand, but the sound effect requirements are higher than the performance hall or disco requirements. Usually, the sound effect is not only strong, shocking, flexible, and rhythmic, but also clear, delicate, soft, and not harsh. The conversation and listening are not too laborious, and the seats in any area have the general presence of a dance floor and stage, so that guests can sing and dance with songs in their seats

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