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What kind of speakers are most suitable for use in entertainment venues?
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        The sound of home or leisure business space is mainly listening. The comfort of hearing is very important. Therefore, this type of sound is best measured by the sense of hearing.
       The sound of entertainment venues both listens and sings. Not only should they sound good, but they should also be comfortable to sing, otherwise they cannot be considered good audio.Therefore, when choosing entertainment sound,you must not only listen,but you must also pick up the microphone to hum and personally feel the comfort of the vocal and the naturalness of the human voice.   If you ask someone to take a microphone to sing and listen to them, and then judge whether a set of speakers is good to sing or not, then it is like watching other people tasting dishes and then judging whether the dishes are delicious or not. Actually, it is not reasonable.
As entertainment audio, microphones, preamps, and speakers have a decisive effect on singing ease, naturalness, and comfort, but speakers are the most terminal sounding devices, just like human voices. Is the singing voice transparent?  Bright, clear and natural, almost entirely determined by the speakers.
The speakers in the entertainment private room face three teachings and nine streams, not only to cope with the humming and chanting of people, but also often to withstand the cruel extreme tests of dancing music (people jumping in the room).

Entertainment speakers' power, sensitivity, and indicators are very important ----- high-power speakers are relatively easy to break, and have a stable and durable basic conditions; high-sensitivity speakers have loud sounds, and do not require too much power output to get entertainment The sound pressure level (volume) required at the scene also provides favorable conditions for stability and durability.
Therefore, entertainment speakers with high sensitivity, high power and wide frequency response have more practical value.

In summary, "good singing, durable, natural sound" speakers are the most suitable speakers in entertainment venues. The right audio choice can make your entertainment investment project more effective, but the wrong audio choice is often more than enough ...

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