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How to tune the sound to cover the "ugly" and let everyone sing better?
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         Among the crowd, those who are born full of gas, who have good voices, and who have bad voices, who sing and go out of tone, account for only a very small part. Most people do n’t have bad throats, but they do n’t have enough gas and the range is not wide many. So, how to make the singing person sing well? Let the good ones sing better? Let poor singers sing too well?
In fact, the method is very simple. First of all, you must select speakers with wide frequency response, curve balance without major depression (no lack of sound), high sensitivity, and high power. After matching the appropriate amplifier and preamp, increase the reverberation amount and the number of echo repetitions (each It sounds about eight times a second), and the delay time is slightly longer.
As long as the effect is properly adjusted, while the human voice is bright, clear, and natural, singing will feel round and relaxed, which is a reasonable way to cover the "ugly people".
In addition, we must grasp the proportion of the size of the sound of the music and the microphone—under the condition of no howling and harshness, the volume of the human voice of the microphone should be increased as much as possible so that the human voice is appropriately highlighted. In general, the microphone sound should be louder than when the music accompaniment sounds the loudest.
Some people often say: "Professionals (singers) sing differently from ordinary people", "Professionals think that is good, but ordinary people think it is not good." This is a mystery.
In fact, because the singer has a good voice and is full of gas, he can sing well without much reverb effect. Most people are not full of gas and have a common voice, so more reverb effects are needed to sing comfortably.
If it is different: just the effects with more reverbs will sing easier, but the vocal clarity and reproduction will be affected, and the effects with less reverbs will sing more, but the sound is more real and clear.
In addition, because the singer is full of gas (good voice, loud voice), so the singer sings relatively loud (loud) at the same volume of the microphone, and the average person has a lack of gas or a defective vocal organ, which makes it sound Slightly smaller, so the average person's microphone volume must be relatively louder to make its sound relatively transparent.

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