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The difference between good speakers and poor speakers
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        There are many factors that affect the sound effect. In addition to the quality and performance of the audio itself, the on-site decoration pattern and materials, as well as the feelings, skills, and opinions of management decision makers will affect the practical results.  
        Some people think: "Because the sound field in the room is different (not very good), it will affect the performance of the sound, so there is no difference between using a poor speaker and a good speaker." Some even think: "The average person does n’t understand audio and uses Any audio can do business. "
       Actually not the same-poor sound field will make the sound of good speakers worse, of course, will also make the sound of poor speakers worse. In a state where the sound is almost poor, it is easy for a master to tune the sound, but to tune the poor sound, it will take a lot of effort. In this state, it is not a top master, at all There is no way to start and do nothing.
      Most people really do n’t know how to use professional terminology to judge the effectiveness of sound systems. However, in an industry environment with more choices and comparisons, people already have a certain level of entertainment experience and evaluation. Which one is sound People sing freely and listen comfortably.

So, the use of good speakers or poor speakers, the ultimate business gain and loss is obvious .......

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