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Bar nightclubs and mass merchandisers rely on alcohol to make money, so what kind of stereo sells alcohol?
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           Some friends know that we have experience in entertainment investment management, and often ask questions such as "how to pay back as soon as possible, how to improve efficiency" and so on. Today I will talk about the 14 years we have studied about this for the place where we participate in investment Topics-what kind of sound effect is good for selling wine?
        Whether it is a bar, a nightclub or a mass-market KTV, there are certain policies and social risks in these places, so how to speed up the recovery of investment costs has become the focus of investors' consideration.Because the faster the return on investment, the smaller the risk.
        The sales of beverages are an important source of profit for a variety of entertainment venues, so increasing the sales volume of beverages is a reasonable and effective way to increase the profit of the venue, and it is also a key way to accelerate the recovery of investment costs. So, what kind of sound can effectively activate the atmosphere and effectively increase the sales of drinks? What kind of stereo is good for wine?
       Young people come to the bar to play. This type of people is not afraid of huge sound waves, and they all enjoy the music details and elements in the huge sound waves. During the hours of entertainment, people dance and listen at times, but most of the time is drinking and amusing with friends and friends, communicating and chatting. Therefore, "clear listening, easy to talk" is very important. If the audio is loud and loud but people are struggling to communicate and chat, even shouting into other people's ears, others cannot understand what you are talking about, then the atmosphere of people's amusement and interaction will be negatively affected, and the sales of drinks will decline.
Most of the guests who play nightclubs are people aged 30 to 45, and mass-market KTVs are suitable for all ages. However, the same is true of nightclubs or mass-marketing. The minimum consumption or the income from room rates is a conservative business model. Such consumption is definitely a slow cost recovery. Therefore, the sound quality of the private room audio also requires that singing is appropriate and easy, and people can still easily communicate and chat with the appropriate sound pressure level (volume).
The best effect state is-some people are singing and singing, some people are drinking and amusing-can sing and sing together, everyone can listen to music (easy to listen and relax), and can't sing alone, everyone suffers.
People sing and entertain in rooms where the sound is appropriate and the sound quality is good. Whether it is singing or listening, the more fun and excitement they will have. In the state of happiness and excitement, people's physical fitness will be played abnormally, so the amount of alcohol will naturally increase.
In a state of happiness and excitement, although there is music or singing in the room, but because the sound quality of the sound is good, the sound is clean, and there is a sense of layering, people communicate and chat easily and effortlessly in the room, so people will chat more happily The more excited you are, the more excited you are and the more you drink. Unconsciously, the sales volume of liquor has increased, and the increase in liquor sales has resulted in a substantial increase in profits.
Because the sound quality of the sound is good, the sound is clean, delicate and layered, so even if someone sings in the bar or in the private room, others still feel comfortable and pleasant in the room. People do n’t need to work too hard to communicate and chat. Loud, others can hear. In this state, people's communication and play atmosphere is the best.
When people sing and drink and amused, the scene is full of happy atmosphere. Therefore, in the process of exchanging wine, indulging, and pushing the cup, people often increase their alcohol consumption by about 30% due to happiness and excitement. Unconsciously, consumption tends to increase by more than one-third. Moreover, in the actual operation of the bar, we found that-many people drink (buy) for the sake of face. Often when the table is almost finished, the waiter comes to ask the second time: "Would you like another bottle?" As long as they have money, players often buy another bottle of wine, even if they know they can't finish it ... For people who are basically unwilling to consume or have no spending power, he or she will soon leave the table and vacate the table for the next group of people to continue.
During the years of practical research, we summarize as follows:
1. Good sound quality and good entertainment speakers can bring tangible sales increase. In a place with good sound quality and suitable sound effects, or a private room with ordinary sound quality, and an unsuitable place or private room, with the same square area and the same decoration, the sound quality is good and the effect is suitable. Inappropriate, the former can sell more than a third of its daily drinks. 
2. There is no absolute relationship between good sound quality and the brand. The sound color of good sound is not necessarily the same, and it is even more impossible to be the same.

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